The Illuminati are alleged to be a secretive secret society that has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories. It is said to have been born in the late 18th century and is said to be involved in controlling world affairs and manipulating governments. This group is often associated with ideas of world domination, secret rituals, and influence over world leaders. However, there is no concrete evidence for the existence of the Illuminati as described in conspiracy theories.
Secret societies, on the other hand, are real organizations that keep their members, activities, and rituals secret. These associations have existed throughout history and serve a variety of purposes, including intellectual activism, social networking, and tradition preservation. Examples of famous secret societies are Freemasonry and Skull and Bones. Secrecy is a hallmark of such societies, but their actual influence and activities are manifold and often deviate from the fanciful narratives found in popular culture and conspiracy theories.