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The Quantum Physics Activist

Some of you after reading the word Quantum physics might have a strange feeling that you have now come to an advanced scientific page where you will be reading some weird scientific theories and experiments which you will never understand. Don’t worry, Dr.Kabilan is well known for his ability to simplify this complicated subject and making it easily understandable even to a layman who doesn’t have any scientific background.

As you all know by seeing his research page, Dr.Kabilan’s interests are mostly revolving around uncommon knowledge and so he does research in various unique and esoteric subjects. That’s how this bizarre science namely Quantum physics caught his attention.

Having a wide range of experience in the field of spirituality, occultism, mind power, psychology, etc he had few unanswered questions in his mind regarding those subjects mentioned above. Surprisingly he got answers for those questions in Quantum physics. In addition to that he got introduced to lots & lots of mind boggling scientific facts which act as the key to unlock the powers of mind and mysteries of life.

Quantum physics

«A world of microscope»

In simple terms it is a study about the behaviors of matter and energy at a molecular level. We are living in a macroscopic world governed by Newtonian physics or classical physics whereas Quantum physics studies the microscopic world. It delves deeper in to the atom and sub-atomic particles. Remember, there is no macroscopic world without microscopic world. Atoms are the building blocks of the universe, so we can’t just ignore what’s happening in the microscopic world. So we also can’t ignore what Quantum physics says about our reality and our life.


Ten out of hundreds benefits of quantum physics

What is quantum physics?

Quantum physics is the branch of physics that deals with the behavior of matter and energy on the smallest scales, such as atoms and subatomic particles.


What is a quantum?

A quantum is the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction, such as energy or light. It is often referred to as a "packet" or "particle" of energy.


Why should I learn quantum physics?

Learning quantum physics can provide a deeper understanding of the fundamental nature of reality and how the universe works at its most fundamental level. It can also lead to new perspectives and insights in various scientific disciplines.



Is quantum physics relevant to everyday life?

While the effects of quantum physics may not be directly observable in everyday life, the technological advancements driven by quantum physics research have had a significant impact. Technologies such as transistors, lasers, and GPS rely on quantum physics principles.


How can learning quantum physics benefit my career?

Quantum physics is a rapidly growing field with numerous applications in technology, engineering, and research. Understanding quantum principles can open up opportunities in quantum computing, cryptography, communications, materials science, and more.


Does learning quantum physics require advanced mathematical skills?

Quantum physics involves complex mathematical formalism, but a basic understanding of algebra and calculus is typically sufficient to grasp the foundational concepts. More advanced mathematics is often required for detailed analysis and research.


Will learning quantum physics change my worldview?

Learning quantum physics can certainly expand your worldview. It challenges classical intuitions and provides a different perspective on reality, emphasizing the probabilistic and interconnected nature of the quantum world.


Does learning quantum physics help in understanding the nature of reality?

Yes, learning quantum physics can deepen your understanding of the nature of reality. It challenges classical notions of determinism and reveals the probabilistic and interconnected nature of the quantum world, providing insights into the fundamental fabric of the universe.


Can studying quantum physics lead to personal growth?

Studying quantum physics can lead to personal growth by expanding your intellectual horizons, fostering analytical thinking, and challenging preconceived notions. It encourages lifelong learning and promotes a deeper appreciation for the complexity of the universe.


How does learning quantum physics contribute to scientific progress?

Learning quantum physics contributes to scientific progress by adding to our knowledge base and enabling advancements in technology, materials science, and various research fields. It helps scientists develop new theories and technologies that push the boundaries of human understanding.


Learn Quantum Physics

In 2006, he began studying quantum physics. By 2008, he started conducting workshops, seminars, and webinars to teach the subject. However, he soon realized that people have different levels of understanding and varied belief systems when it comes to this complex topic.

To address this, he created a personalized training program called the "5-week Quantum Physics 101” online course. This course is designed for one-on-one instruction. Through this course, he imparts his knowledge directly to a single student, allowing him to tailor his explanations to the student's individual abilities and beliefs

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