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Some of you after reading the word Quantum physics might have a strange feeling that you have now come to an advanced scientific page where you will be reading some weird scientific theories and experiments which you will never understand. Don’t worry, Dr.Kabilan is well known for his ability to simplify this complicated subject and making it easily understandable even to a layman who doesn’t have any scientific background.

There are people among you, who know something about Quantum physics and very much eager to know more about this strange subject. If you are one among them, who is very much interested in Quantum physics but you think you don’t have any friends to talk about this or you don’t know anyone to clarify your doubts, Dr.Kabilan is there for you.

Ok, now let’s come to some of the basic questions which you have in your mind:

  1. What is Quantum physics?

In simple terms it is a study about the behaviors of matter and energy at a molecular level. We are living in a macroscopic world governed by Newtonian physics or classical physics whereas Quantum physics studies the microscopic world. It delves deeper in to the atom and sub-atomic particles. Remember, there is no macroscopic world without microscopic world. Atoms are the building blocks of the universe, so we can’t just ignore what’s happening in the microscopic world. So we also can’t ignore what Quantum physics says about our reality and our life.

  1. In what way Quantum physics is going to help me lead a better life?

That is what Dr.Kabilan is doing for the past 15+ years, using Quantum physics to make peoples life better. As there is a saying “Truth shall set you free”. If you know the truth about your life you will have a sense of freedom. Shocking news is that we are all blinded by our beliefs and perception. We are actually living our life in darkness. The pity is we ourselves don’t know that we are in darkness, like a blind man who doesn’t realize that he is in darkness because he never seen the light. Quantum physics will give you some light. It will illuminate your mind and ward off the darkness.

If you really don’t know what’s happening in the microscopic world, the chances are you will have very less & less control over your macroscopic world.

Now you are probably wondering in what way Dr.Kabilan is related to Quantum physics?

As you all know by seeing his research page, Dr.Kabilan’s interests are mostly revolving around uncommon knowledge and so he does research in various unique and esoteric subjects. That’s how this bizarre science namely Quantum physics caught his attention.

Having a wide range of experience in the field of spirituality, occultism, mind power, psychology, etc he had few unanswered questions in his mind regarding those subjects mentioned above. Surprisingly he got answers for those questions in Quantum physics. In addition to that he got introduced to lots & lots of mind boggling scientific facts which act as the key to unlock the powers of mind and mysteries of life.

After uncovering the deepest mysteries of life and the darkest secrets of science, Dr.Kabilan was so enthusiastic that he couldn’t resist himself sharing this valuable information with the world. So he created a unique one day workshop in the year 2008, namely ‘You create your own reality’ (உன் விதி உன் கையில்) and educating people to transform their life with this most powerful science. That was the time when people hardly recognize the word Quantum physics and everyone thought that this is something very advanced which is difficult to understand. But Dr.Kabilan with immense efforts, made this complicated subject easily understandable to everyone.

In 2006, he began studying quantum physics. By 2008, he started conducting workshops, seminars, and webinars to teach the subject. However, he soon realized that people have different levels of understanding and varied belief systems when it comes to this complex topic.

To address this, he created a personalized training program called the “5-week Quantum Physics 101” online course. This course is designed for one-on-one instruction. Through this course, he imparts his knowledge directly to a single student,  allowing him to tailor his explanations to the student’s individual abilities and beliefs. Students can ask questions freely and clarify any doubts they have, ensuring a complete understanding of the subject that can be applied in their daily lives.

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